Uses for Large Storage Units

Large Storage Units

North River Road Storage
March 7th, 2024

large storage unit
Storage units are not just for stashing away a few boxes during a move or keeping your summer sports gear safe in the off-season. Large storage units, often overlooked in favor of their more compact counterparts, offer a multitude of functions that are not immediately apparent. From the most obvious storage purposes to the more unique applications that might spark innovation in various industries, there's a wide range of uses for a storage unit that could drastically improve your life, business, or hobbies.

This post will explore the versatility of large storage units and provide you with a perspective on how to use these spaces to their full potential, whether you're a vintage car enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or a homeowner aiming to declutter effectively. North River Road Storage provides store units in Eugene, Oregon.

10x20’ Storage Units in Eugene, Oregon

Car Storage

Classic cars, luxury vehicles, and even daily drivers can benefit from the secure, climate-controlled environment that a large storage unit offers. Maintaining the condition and value of a vehicle, especially one you don't use year-round, is crucial. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and exposure to the elements can cause significant damage. Large storage units can serve as a private garage away from home, where you can also perform maintenance and store related equipment, such as car covers or jacks, neatly tucked away.

Protecting Your Investment

The number one reason car collectors and enthusiasts turn to large storage units is to protect their investment. Whether it's a vintage muscle car or a modern supercar, these units offer a clean, safe environment that guards against rust, fading paint, and engine issues that can arise from disuse. North River Road Storage recommends a 10x20' storage unit for vehicles.

Business Storage

Every successful business eventually faces the challenge of scaling up its operations and managing inventory, documents, and equipment. Large storage units can be an economical solution to store your business materials, especially if you're starting an e-commerce business, have seasonal products, or have a need for equipment storage. Warehouses are another option but are much more expensive. You can save thousands of dollars by using a storage unit instead.

Inventory Overflow

There are periods in a business cycle where incoming inventory exceeds the capacity of your place of business. A large storage unit provides you with a temporary overflow that's close by and accessible, ensuring you don't miss out on sales opportunities due to space constraints.

Securing Documents

Law firms, medical offices, and many other sectors legally require the long-term storage of documents. A climate-controlled storage unit is an ideal solution, offering a secure space for paperwork that's easily accessible while being kept safe and in compliance with any relevant industry regulations. Most industries are able to store their documents online but for the legal and medical practices that can't, a storage unit is a great option.


Moving is one of life's most taxing activities. Large storage units can serve as a transitional space for your belongings, whether you're between places, waiting for renovations to be completed, or having to move out of your home in a short time frame.

Bridging Gaps

When you're moving, especially if there's a period between leaving your old place and settling into your new one, a large storage unit provides a convenient bridge for handling your possessions without the stress of tight deadlines or imposing on others' spaces.

Home Staging

If you're selling your home, professional stagers often recommend decluttering the space to allow potential buyers a clearer vision. A storage unit keeps your furniture and personal items safe and out of the way while you present your house in its best light.

Decluttering Your Home

We accumulate items over time, and our homes can quickly feel crammed with the things we just can't bear to part with. Large storage units provide a dedicated space for items you want to keep but don't need every day, helping to keep your home more organized and your belongings easily accessible without the clutter.

Seasonal Switch-Up

Maximize your wardrobe space by using a large storage unit to rotate clothes and shoes each season, keeping off-season items neatly packed away and ready when you are.

Household Renovations

When you're renovating, especially if you're doing the work yourself, having an empty (or nearly empty) home makes the process smoother and less prone to accidents. A storage unit allows you to clear space without the inconvenience of trying to find a home for everything while work is underway.

Large Storage Units in Eugene, Oregon

Large storage units are not just for "stuff." They are versatile spaces that can adapt to a range of needs, whether personal, professional, or temporary. By tapping into the potential of these storage solutions, you're not just clearing clutter; you're clearing your way to more efficient business operations, comprehensive car care, and a much smoother moving process. Next time you're deciding where to keep that extra piece of furniture or how to safeguard your prized possessions, consider how a large storage unit can provide a secure, cost-effective, and accessible answer. In doing so, you're not just creating space—you're creating solutions.

North River Road Storage provides large storage units in Eugene, Oregon. We suggest 10x20’ units for car storage. Book a unit online, email us, or give us a call at (541) 502-3302.